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“tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?”

mary oliver

Why earth & sky?

We discovered through our collaboration that our combined giftings bring forward a process that allows deep interior movements in our transformative work with others. 

Deb (earth) experiences center in a deeply rooted way that grounds energy and helps it to move as she hears from Spirit. From this place she offers practical guidance for life and living.

Roxanne (sky) flows with a cosmic flair, sensing and engaging from a more panoramic view that sees larger patterns and tracks energy that is clearing and moving. From this place with the Divine she creates a space for growth, healing, and transformation.

Together, we blend our positions and unique giftings to offer you a beautifully balanced process in spiritual guidance.

deb turnow

  I first became aware of my ability to create a safe space for people to process through extremely painful events during my time as a sexual abuse/assault counselor. It was during those 8 1⁄2 years that I was able to awaken to and nurture my intuitive gifts.

The ability to create a nurturing space for others has become the foundation for my work as both an end-of-life doula – a midwife of the soul – and a palliative care doula – guiding those who have received a serious diagnosis through the medical system. Accompanying those who find themselves diagnosed with a serious disease or are on their final journey of this earth-bound life is a scared privilege.

As a doula, I provide non-medical support for the serious ill, the dying and their families. To understand what a palliative care doula and an end-of-life doula do, please click this link:  

palliative care and end-of-life doula services

In addition, I have been a spiritual director for over 17 years. I have am MA in Spiritual Formation. I’ve also trained in some energy modalities to deepen my awareness of how the Divine works and speaks through that path, allowing me to bring another dimension to my work.

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I am Mom to two awesome adult children, the perfect mother-in-law to their two amazing spouses, and Gaga (or Grandma Deb) to six grandchildren. In my free time I love to read, dream, watch dark and broody shows on Netflix, create beautiful living spaces, get my hands in the earth, stare at full moons, and, raise chickens.

roxanne o’reilly

  •  Seeing through and beyond the visible

From a young age, the outer physical world was just one part of what I experienced.  I lived with an awareness that there was more, often deeply sensing beyond what I could see.  However, I learned that sharing these knowings was not valued or understood, so I spent decades pushing down and silencing my intuition (clair senses) and diminishing the unexplainable supernatural experiences that were beyond intuition, much to the detriment of my emotional, spiritual, and physical health.  In my early 30’s, a life-changing mystical experience drew me into Divine Love that continues to inform my entire life and being.  Now I surrender into, value, share and honor my intuition and continuing mystical experiences.

  • Creating space where clients can embrace their whole self

Several years ago, a friend suggested I might be a mystic.  Until then, my understanding of mystics was that they were part of the Catholic church’s history.  Through the inner call to live fully into who I truly am and several serendipitous opportunities to participate in programs in which I was encouraged and supported in embracing my whole self, I began to discover more of what being a mystic means for me. I am learning that through the Divine, “we carry inside us the wonders we seek outside us” (Rumi)

Understanding that I bring my whole self (including the parts I’m still learning to accept) to what I do, I offer an opportunity for my clients to do the same.

  • Helping others emerge from the veil of egocentric identity

I work with clients who desire to unearth more of their true self, by helping bring clarity to what is beneath the surface of their life.  My training and experience working with others as an inner healing caregiver and spiritual director along with my giftings, support the clearing and moving of emotional, mental, and spiritual baggage (whatever obstructs the Divine Light) in my clients.  Through my Gathering Stones-Portrait package, I help clients remember and honor their journey home to their authentic whole selves.


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I attended the University of MD and Lancaster Bible College, have two spiritual director certifications, a formational prayer (inner healing) caregiver certification, and a certificate in Photography from Pennsylvania College of Art & Design. I have been a spiritual director for 12 years and on staff at Kavanna House, a spiritual formation center, in various roles for the last ten years. Prior to my work at Kavanna House, I worked in various roles in the nonprofit sector with an emphasis on development for more than twenty years.

I am married to my soulmate, Mark, and I am the mother of two inspiring children and mother-in-law to an equally inspiring son-in-law. Besides my work, I enjoy spending time with my family and friends, working out with other gym enthusiasts, baking clean desserts, and reading. Through it all, photography is my creative companion accompanying me on my voyage to see through and beyond the visible.

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What Our Clients Are Saying

"I felt gently cared for and deliciously at rest"

I felt gently cared for and deliciously at rest as Deb and Roxanne listened to Love on my behalf. Their no-hype, humble offering of what they saw, sensed and heard strengthened my curiosity and courage to enter more deeply into living loved. What a gift to sit with listeners committed to Love and the flourishing of others and to receive attention and guidance. I'm especially grateful that they sent a summary after our time together because my focus word for the year emerged as I continued to sit with all that was received.

"I felt validated"

First, let me say the session was beautiful. I honestly wasn't quite sure what to expect but I loved it. I guess the words that come to mind for me are "validated" and "community". All these years, I knew that I was different. I felt much more deeply than those around me. I always know exactly how every single person in a room is feeling. I also have known/felt when something is going to happen. These are just gut feelings. Anywho... I have spent a lot of energy hiding these gifts. After meeting with you both, I realized that what I have, are definitely gifts and it is okay to be who I am. They are not evil and there is nothing wrong with me. I now know, that there is real-life community that I can be a part of that that I don't have to hide anything and won't be judged.

"Stuck places became unstuck"

The deep listening session was a significant place of definition in my spiritual journey. The atmosphere was comfortable, inviting, supportive, yet very spacious.  I’d expected the process to be effortful on my part, but it felt more like a release, an opening of the flood gates.  That was somewhat surprising. As I was reflecting on the experience and hadn’t noticed that you termed it “deep listening”, deep was the descriptor that arose for both my telling and your listening. Your presence evoked telling from a new place.  It was as if your presence lifted my story.  I felt more power for clarity and articulation as the floodgates opened.   Stuck places became unstuck and there was an energetic flow that I don’t experience on my own. What you shared opened a different dimension by which to view my unfolding journey.  The images were fresh and wonderful guides toward new perspectives/possibilities/potential. Some of it was present awareness and some was hopeful into the future…as the journey is often dark.


There are still things that were said in my session that pop up in my head. Almost like whispers of encouragement.

I think one of the big things for me is that the time with the two of you felt intentional and generous. Sitting in silence together, not needing to bring anything other than openness, and then having the two of you listen on my behalf - it was restorative.