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“what makes night within us may leave stars.”

victor hugo

deb turnow

I first became aware of my ability to create a safe space for people to process through extremely painful events during my time as a sexual abuse/assault counselor. It was during those 8 1⁄2 years that I was able to awaken to and nurture my intuitive gifts.

The ability to create a nurturing space for others has become the foundation for my work as both an end-of-life doula – a midwife of the soul – and a palliative care doula™ – guiding those who have received a serious diagnosis through the medical system. Accompanying those who find themselves diagnosed with a serious disease or are on their final journey of this earth-bound life is a scared privilege.

As a doula, I provide non-medical support for the serious ill, the dying and their families. To understand what a palliative care doula™ and an end-of-life doula do, please click this link:

palliative care and end-of-life doula services

In addition, I have been a spiritual director for over 17 years. I have am MA in Spiritual Formation.

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I am Mom to two awesome adult children, the perfect mother-in-law to their two amazing spouses, and Gaga (or Grandma Deb) to six grandchildren. In my free time I love to read, dream, watch dark and broody shows on Netflix, create beautiful living spaces, get my hands in the earth, stare at full moons, and, raise chickens.

roxanne o’reilly

    From a young age, the outer physical world was just one part of what I experienced.  I lived with an awareness that there was more, often deeply sensing beyond what I could see. When my grandparents gave me a camera when I was seven years old, it was a wonderful pairing for me of capturing images of the visible and noticing elements of the invisible that were held in that photo. Maybe it was something being said through a subject’s eyes or stance or simply the effect that the weather held in that moment. I knew it was profound, and photographing people has been my passion all these years since.

    For me, legacy work, particularly photographing and documenting the end-of-life journey in whatever way is meaningful for clients and their loved ones is deeply meaningful.  My training and experience working with others as an inner healing caregiver, spiritual director, end-of-life doula training, and my own accompanying of loved ones at the end of their lives, informs the way I approach my work with those who are seriously ill or dying and their families.