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“there is a voice that doesn’t use words. listen.”



  How we work at earth & sky

Our services are free.

That means there will be no exchange of money in payment for services.

Yes – you read that right – our services are free.

We are both in a stage of life where we live our lives out of our hard-earned wisdom plus some training, here and there. 😉 We see ourselves as wise sages. That doesn’t mean we know everything, but we do know how to listen, both to you and to Spirit, we do know how to ask meaningful questions, and we bring years of experience to our work. We feel that one of the tasks in this stage of our lives is generativity – to give back to the world.

So – how does this work? There actually is such a thing as a “gift” economy. We aren’t a fan of the word “economy”, but the act of gift-giving can be very sacred. In this way of being, we offer to you what we have. We completely trust that what we have been given is gift from the abundance of Spirit and that we will always receive what we need when we need it. Out of that place of trust, we can freely offer our gifts, which places us in relationship with those who receive them. It moves our work from a place of a transactional exchange to a relational exchange.

Some of you may be saying to yourselves, “I won’t accept something I can’t pay for”. We are in that camp with you. It can make us feel uncomfortable. It might feel greedy to ask to receive without paying, or you may feel as if you are indebted to the person who gave freely to you, or you may not feel you deserve to receive anything you haven’t paid for. We would say that all these reasons are the product of being imbedded in a transactional culture. It is all we know. What we are inviting you to do, if you feel that what we offer is something you could benefit from, is come on this counter-culture journey with us!!

The only thing we would ask if you do decide to journey with us, is that you will do the same when you are given an opportunity to do so. You freely give to someone who needs what you might have. In doing this, we create a beautiful circle of giving – a rippling out that will never end.

We are looking to be a small change in the world in the way things are done. We won’t change the world at large but we can begin to make changes in the Earth & Sky community.

Be part of the change….let’s ripple.

Our Services

How We Can Work Together:


sacred alchemy

with roxanne & deb

Our work together can be described as a balanced complementary contrast – yin and yang. Together we’ll listen deeply to the Spirit on your behalf, share what arises, and process that with you. Together we hope that in your session with us you see a larger picture and are moved to whatever action Spirit is inviting.


soul essence

with deb

These sessions are about calling forth the essence of who you are and becoming aware of what prevents you from living into that (i.e. fear, resistance, old messages, etc.).  You begin to live more clearly from the perspective that you are held in and with Love.

Maybe the journey isn’t so much about becoming anything. Maybe it’s about unbecoming everything that really isn’t you so you can be who you were meant to be in the first place.

Paulo Coelho

sacred alchemy

with deb + roxanne


In the work that we do together, we both bring our unique giftings and expressions of them. While individually what we offer is of value, in our working together a window opens into a much larger landscape where you are offered a view that can be eye and heart-opening, healing, and inspirational. In our session with you, we listen deeply to the Spirit on your behalf, share that with you, and then process with you what arises from our time together. Together we hope that in your session with us you see a larger picture and are moved to whatever action you are invited in to. 

Is this for you?

If you are looking for clarity, purpose, and a sense of direction, this session is for you. Through our work together you have the opportunity to become aware of things that have been under the surface.  This session brings the best of what we each offer together in one place. The benefit of both perspectives – Earth and Sky.

 What does the process look like?

You may either bring a question or topic to the session or come open, waiting to see what is brought forward. We begin with silence to settle in and see what arises giving us the space and time to listen on your behalf. At the conclusion of that time, we will share with you what we heard or sensed. You will then move into a time of processing with us to notice what resonates with you and why. Clients leave the time with increased awareness and clarity.


Wondering if sacred alchemy is for you or want to book a session?

Email us if you would like to book a discovery call to see if this is the best next step for you!


soul essence

with deb



These sessions are about calling forth the essence of who you are and becoming aware of what prevents you from living into that (i.e. fear, resistance, old messages, etc.).  You begin to live more clearly from the perspective that you are held in and with Love.

The sessions provide clarity, purpose, and a sense of direction. It helps you to become aware of what you might not see on the surface.

Possible issues to address may include spiritual deconstruction, feminine spirituality, religious rigidity, spiritual abuse, as well as living into your full essence and well-being.

Who can this help?

If you desire to flourish but feel like something is holding you back, this is the path we can take to help identify and shift what is keeping you from who you are and want to be.

Critical Journey Sessions

I also provide specialized one-on-one sessions with those who are moving through deconstruction using The Critical Journey, by Janet Hagberg and Robert Guelich, as the text.  These sessions dive onto your own spiritual journey in each of the stages and help you recognize where you’ve been, where you are and where you may be going. Having a spiritual guide who is familiar with this process can be so helpful.

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How often do we meet and for how long?

This depends on what you would like. I have some clients I meet with every two weeks, most once a month and others contact me as they feel the need.  The sessions last one hour.

How long will this take?

It depends on what you bring and how ready you are for the work.

Is this counseling?

No. It has some elements of counseling but it is not counseling.

Is this spiritual direction?

No. Although I ask questions that a spiritual director might ask, I am more direct in my interaction with you.

What does a session look like?

You may bring whatever you like to the session.  We’ll explore your thoughts, feelings, and desire and notice what rises to the surface. There may be times of silence as we listen together.

Wondering if soul essence is for you?

Email us if you would like to book a discovery call to see if this is the best next step for you!


let's connect

Schedule A Discovery Call

We value connection and it's important to us to work with those who feel in alignment with what we offer. Schedule a free call to see if this is the next step of your journey.



What Our Clients Are Saying

"I felt gently cared for and deliciously at rest"

I felt gently cared for and deliciously at rest as Deb and Roxanne listened to Love on my behalf. Their no-hype, humble offering of what they saw, sensed and heard strengthened my curiosity and courage to enter more deeply into living loved. What a gift to sit with listeners committed to Love and the flourishing of others and to receive attention and guidance. I'm especially grateful that they sent a summary after our time together because my focus word for the year emerged as I continued to sit with all that was received.

"I felt validated"

First, let me say the session was beautiful. I honestly wasn't quite sure what to expect but I loved it. I guess the words that come to mind for me are "validated" and "community". All these years, I knew that I was different. I felt much more deeply than those around me. I always know exactly how every single person in a room is feeling. I also have known/felt when something is going to happen. These are just gut feelings. Anywho... I have spent a lot of energy hiding these gifts. After meeting with you both, I realized that what I have, are definitely gifts and it is okay to be who I am. They are not evil and there is nothing wrong with me. I now know, that there is real-life community that I can be a part of that that I don't have to hide anything and won't be judged.

"Stuck places became unstuck"

The deep listening session was a significant place of definition in my spiritual journey. The atmosphere was comfortable, inviting, supportive, yet very spacious.  I’d expected the process to be effortful on my part, but it felt more like a release, an opening of the flood gates.  That was somewhat surprising. As I was reflecting on the experience and hadn’t noticed that you termed it “deep listening”, deep was the descriptor that arose for both my telling and your listening. Your presence evoked telling from a new place.  It was as if your presence lifted my story.  I felt more power for clarity and articulation as the floodgates opened.   Stuck places became unstuck and there was an energetic flow that I don’t experience on my own. What you shared opened a different dimension by which to view my unfolding journey.  The images were fresh and wonderful guides toward new perspectives/possibilities/potential. Some of it was present awareness and some was hopeful into the future…as the journey is often dark.


There are still things that were said in my session that pop up in my head. Almost like whispers of encouragement.

I think one of the big things for me is that the time with the two of you felt intentional and generous. Sitting in silence together, not needing to bring anything other than openness, and then having the two of you listen on my behalf - it was restorative.