for both palliative care doula™ and end-of-life doula services

I offer a sliding scale if there is a need.  I feel that everyone should be able to receive these services regardless of their ability to pay. 


*initial consultation – no charge

This time will be spent assessing what services may be needed and how I can best meet those needs.

Following the initial consultation, the sessions are personalized for each client based on where the person is in their process, and the amount of support the family/caregivers need during this time.

Here is my pricing structure per session or session package.  Sessions are 1 hour long.

1 session     – $100

3 sessions   – $240

5 sessions   – $400

10 sessions – $800

Sessions can be used as needed, including a pause if there is a improvement in symptoms, and then resuming when there is a need.

vigil supportive care 

Vigil is the bedside presence that is held when a person has entered the active dying phase. It can be helpful to have a doula present for some of that time to help explain to the caregiver(s) what to expect. Caregivers may also feel the need for a break, or they may want the doula there as a supportive presence.

Daily supportive care visits can occur at one time or broken into shifts to offer the best support depending on your individual situation during the active stage of dying and through death.

bedside supportive care includes –

  • Includes 24 hour on-call support.
  • Guided imagery and meditation for the dying, as well as their care givers, if needed.
  • Support and guidance to ensure the vigil plan is carried out as intended.
  • Anticipatory grief work with family and/or care givers.
  • 3-6 weeks after the death, the doula will meet with the loved ones to reprocess the experience and provide beginning grief support and resources.


There are three tiers for this services based on the needs of the caregiver(s).

supportive care – tier 1

Best for individuals with a large support system that may need minimal guidance

Up to 5 days of vigil support – 2 hours per day

 5 days @ 2 hours per day – $800

supportive care – tier 2

Best for individuals with a dedicated support system that may need more guidance with doula presence at the bedside, and some caregiver respite.

Up to 5 days of vigil support – 4 hours per day

5 days @ 4 hours per day – $1600

supportive care – tier 3

Best for individuals looking for extensive guidance, doula presence at the bedside and caregiver respite.

Up to 5 days of vigil support –  8 hours per day

5 days @ 8 hours per day – $3,200

For more information, call or text me at 717-487-2443 or email me at deb@earth-sky.com